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Mr.Mashujaa 2015, 23 year old Martin Nga'nga Njagwi is a trained Nurse a creative but far from taking notes, scrubbing for the surgeon during operations and attending to patients he has a deep passion for fashion. We had the luck of getting an exclusive interview with him.

Here are the Q&A's from the One on One interview:
TTT: Congratulations for being crowned as Mr. Mashujaa 2015.
Thank you so much.

TTT: Tell us about yourself?

Martin Nga’nga Njagwi is a 23year old Nurse by profession, former Mr. P.U.E.A 2014/2015 (Presbyterian University of East Africa), an entrepreneur and a creative who loves poetry and fashion
TTT: What was going through your mind when the judges called out your name and crowned you Mr. Mashujaa 2015? Can you describe how you felt at that moment?
I will be honest I was surprised and happy at the same time this pageant was very competitive, at first I was 50-50 I thought I wouldn’t beat the other contestants, but through God’s way I emerged the King it’s a very humbling experience.
TTT: The fashion industry has some biases, people associate it with the feminine side of gender what is your take on that and If a young boy/girl wanted to be a model, what would your advice them?
I feel that people should change their attitude towards the fashion industry, this industry and modelling cuts across board, deliberate efforts aimed at inculcating certain aspects of fashion in our lives should be taken as early as possible in people’s lives. I would urge those who would love to venture into modelling to start out early this will instill the confidence and courage in strutting the runway.
TTT: As the newly crowned Mr. Mashujaa what do you plan to do in your position towards changing the society?
As a medic I draw a lot of inspiration from the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, she dedicated part of her life helping people through acts of charity, I will therefore use this position to champion for better health care, key among them is behavior change amongst the youth in this era of HIV/AIDS this will be my key top in my list, I would encourage the use of youth friendly counselling techniques and call on young people not to shy away from seeking information about their HIV/AIDS status and their well-being as a whole, because I believe the youth of this country need to be encouraged to speak out loudly about serious issues affecting them. I also would like to champion for the noble cause in the fight against the spread of cancer, as a health worker I have encountered certain heart breaking incidents where patients have lost the battle against cancer that is why I choose a costume with a message geared towards winning this battle during the Mashujaa pageant.
TTT: Social media is slowly impacting on young people’s lives, in both negative and positive ways, we have had cases where some have being lured into anti-social vices, what is your take on this issue should parents discourage young people from utilizing social media?
They are merits and demerits of using social media and as a fashion enthusiast and a creative I have would like to urge parents not to shy away from enlightening their children on the dangers of using these platforms but let them also monitor them closely, young people should spend time on social media doing things that add value to their lives. 
TTT: Tell us that one thing people don’t know about you.
I am an entrepreneur of some sorts, I run a shoe selling business, I wake up early in the morning head off to Gikomba Market where a buy shoes in bulk and use my social media platforms to market them, I also write short stories and do poetry,

TTT: One last word for the youth
 I would love to encourage the youth to follow their dreams, let them spend time discovering their abilities and talents, because at the end of the day this will go a long way in shaping their future even after they are out of their parents radar.
Driven by the desire and passion to think outside the box Martin the newly Crowned King in the recently concluded Mashujaa 2015 Awards, looks forward to that day when the youth of Kenya will discover that they have what it takes to change the society no matter what, but they must do some self-assessment and discover the hide potential within themselves. The 23year old has already started training his siblings in various aspects of fashion and modelling. He intends to use his position as a fashion icon to influence change in the society.


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