The clouds have already started to form, a very clear indication that it is about to rain. As at 1:00pm this afternoon, the weather clearly showed a humidity level of 50% and a 47% probability of it raining in Thika and its environs. If all the indicators and what the meteorological department had predicted is to be believed, then the El Niño rains are already here with us. 

This begs the question, HOW READY ARE WE AS THIKA FOR EL NINO? 
The Kenya Meteorological  Department has already warned Kenyans of possible flooding which calls for everyone to be fore-armed. 

The County government as well as we the residents of Thika ought to have unblocked storm drainage and household drainage systems respectively to allow a free flow of rain water to the rivers.
We should have reinforced and repaired weak and damaged houses. 

The County Government of Kiambu should by now have ensured proper waste disposal especially the solid waste in all areas under their jurisdiction.
NEMA should have ensured that all quarry and construction sites that may hold deep waters are properly safeguarded or fenced off and so on.

 But we are Kenyans and we believe on only what we see with our own eyes. Despite being warned of the imminent dangers posed by El Nino, we have turned a deaf ear and gone on with life as usual.

A spot check around various spots in Thika revealed our state of ignorance. Look at how we are preparing ourselves for El Nino.....
Despite being warned by the weatherman over imminent danger posed by expected El Nino rains,
Read more at:
Despite being warned by the weatherman over imminent danger posed by expected El Nino rains,
Read more at:

Below is Kenyatta Highway near Pilot and Kimathi Estates. The contractor has virtually done nothing tangible to drain the water. This means that we expect this road to flood and drain its waters to Pilot and Kimathi Estates.

Below are unblocked and neglected drainage canals in Biafra Estate. These canals have been abandoned from time in memorial.
This is the lower side of  Majengo Estate. The canals are now damping sites. Others have vegetation growing on them and raw sewer still running through. You can imagine what will happen when El Nino pounds.
Below is Kenyatta Highway on your way to the Gatitu Junction. How it will be when the El Nino hits the ground? Your guess is as good as mine.

This now is the area behind Eton Hotel and Tuskys Chania. How the people residing here will survive El Nino is a story for another day

Then, as you approach the CBD near the Fire Fighting Department, the drainage is just appalling.

These are just the few places we managed to cover. The big question is... How well have the rest of the places prepared themselves for El Nino rains? Ama we are just waiting for the famous "Silkaal Jameni Niko saidi mbaya sana! Silkal saidia jameni!"?

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