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Hospital Ward MCA Hon. Mwangi Wamwangi (J Bee) has called on his constituents and Thika people in general to exercise patience in relation to the work of elected leaders. He said that government operations went through a number of bureaucratic stages that made it delay some of the projects they had planned for their electorates. 

At times, he added, elected leaders found themselves between a rock and a hard place trying to balance peoples' expectations and the availability of resources from the treasury. It is for this reason that he appealed to the people to understand their leaders whenever delays to projects and Funds occurred.

On this note, he asked his constituent to be a little bit patient as the county government availed resources to contain the El Niño threat. He added that plans were in place to clear and unblock all drainage and water paths in his ward so as to ensure that no area posed any danger of water logging.

He at the same time congratulated the police and his area chiefs for the good role they were playing in the fight against illicit brews and crime. However, he noted that there still existed a gap between the people and the security details that needed to be bridged if at all we had to contain these vices to manageable levels.

J Bee was speaking at the Thika Sub-county Stadium on Tuesday afternoon during the Mashujaa Day celebrations. 

He appealed to the youth to reorganise themselves in order to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that were emerging in this era. He told them that time was ripe for the youth to claim their place in the leadership of this nation, but added, that this could only be made a reality if they took the opportunities head on. 

"Take advantage of the monies that the national and the county governments are availing to you and not just wait to get employed. You need to empower yourselves by starting your own ventures. Through this, you create wealth and help to create jobs for others too," he said.

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