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Plans to commence the Construction of the 25km Thika By-pass, passing through the Kivulini, Kiganjo, Athena and Kiandutu areas and then linking with the Thika Superhighway are at a very advanced stage. The road, set to be constructed through the state’s annuity plan, will ease traffic congestion in Thika Town.

In the plan, the state wants to build 3,000km across the country by 2017. Out of this, Thika was lucky to be allocated 25km by the government because the road, on its completion, will counter the traffic jams in the town.

Vehicles coming from Garissa and some parts of Machakos will divert and use the anticipated Thika By-pass, thus reducing the congestion on the Thika-Garissa road.

Other roads scheduled for construction this financial year include the one linking Garissa Road at Metro-fil Petrol Station to the the above by-pass and the one crossing the Garissa Rd. Junction near Gatitu Petrol Station, that will link with the by-pass near the former Castle Breweries Plant. Their construction is scheduled to commence sometimes in November this year. 

The completion will be music to the people of Thika who have been suffering so much and wasting a lot of valuable time in traffic snarl-ups everyday. 

Thika Town has been losing a lot of revenue as a result of these jams. They have also been contributing to very many accidents on Thika roads. The economies of areas like Kisii, Kiganjo, Kiang'ombe, Kiandutu and Athena are poised to grow tremendously upon completion of these roads.

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