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Thika Primary School pupils playing on their school playground during the 11 o'clock break
This year's third term kicked off to a tumultuous start as majority of  Thika teachers stayed out of schools due to their strike. Most schools across Thika Town reported a low turnout of learners, with parents adopting a wait-and-see strategy. Majority of the learners stayed home and could be seen idling and playing games as though they were still on holiday.

Teachers boycotted classes and the few who reported for duty just stayed in the staffrooms doing their stuff. They never involved themselves with the pupils other than may be ensuring that the pupils stayed in their classrooms during classtime. The classrooms were very noisy as the cheerful kids played and narrated stories of what transpired over the holiday season.

In some schools, the pupils who had reported to school eventually decided to return back home when they realised that no teacher was involving himself with them.

Along the streets, our team encountered school kids either loitering around or heading home. A few secondary school students could be seen heading to their respective schools ready for third term. Others wandered around town in home gear meeting their colleagues and socialising.

 Speaking with the Thika Branch KNUT Executive Secretary Mr. Joe Mungai Ngige on phone, he apealed to his teachers to be patient as the KNUT national office dealt with the issue.

"At the branch level we are waiting for a word from the head office. The National Executive Council will meet tomorrow and give a universal direction," he told Thika Town Today.

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