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Mia Afrika Sacco has come up with a lucrative insurance package for bodaboda operators in Thika Town to cater for the riders and their families. This after a spate of continuous road accidents affecting Boda Boda sector have caught their attention.

In their new Personal Accident Pre-pay cover, Mia Afrika Sacco will ensure the victims of any accident will receive Kshs.250,000 in case of Permanent Disability, the same amount in case of the death of the contributor. This will therefore ensure that their spouses and kids continue with financial supply even after the loss of the bread-winner. 

In case the contributor is hospitalised for a period of  up to 104 weeks, the cover will pay Kshs.2,500 per week to the family so that they are not drastically affected by the misfortune.

It is common knowledge that life immediately changes to the worst whenever these riders get involved in an accident. The loss of the breadwinner is usually too hard to bear. It may sometimes result into the dependants, especially the kids, losing their right to food, good health and education, thus losing a generation.

Mia Afrika Sacco will support the one time product and let the riders pay slowly in affordable instalments. The chairperson spoke to CABUKI GROUP this morning on this amazing product and the response was ecstatic. He called on all bodaboda riders to embrace this new concept for, as he rightly put it,'Prevention is Better than Cure'.

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