Thika children’s office has embarked on identifying potential orphans and vulnerable children candidates to determine those to benefit from this year's financial upscale.
Speaking in her office on Tuesday, the Thika Sub-County children’s officer, Rebecca Kariuki, said they have increased the number of beneficiaries because the impact the fund is making in the area is quite visible in the society.
Kariuki said children who are needy and orphaned have a saviour fund which protects them from suffering under the glaring eye of poverty and stress, and allows them to have fun while they're still young.
“We have a kitty which has become of more significance than any other fund. We have seen tremendous and significant change among those who are already receiving this fund. The children are attending school and are dressing properly like other children who have both parents,” said Kariuki.
The officer said the kitty is aimed at reducing the gap between orphaned and needy children and those under the care of both parents.
She said they will be increasing the number of beneficiaries as a large number of children in the society are suffering from the same problems.
Kariuki said the regulation of alcohol in the country would highly contribute to the raising of living standards in the area as some of the children were living as orphans when their parents were alcohol slaves.