Teenage girls and college ladies have been warned against engaging in prostitution. Thika Sub-County Deputy Commissioner Jeremiah Gicheru complained that the girls had invaded streets of Thika town to trade in flesh. He reminded them that prostitution was illegal and anyone caught engaging in it would be arrested and charged in a court of law.

He was speaking to the members of public when he met Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi on Saturday morning for a public security meeting.

Earlier, sex workers had been issued a stern warning against operating in Thika but they met with the security team to deliberate on the issue in an indoor meeting.

Wamwangi on his part blamed irresponsible parents and guardians for failing to teach good morals to their teenagers and leaving their children to trade without warning them.

“The schools are closed and the parents don’t take responsibility of their children. If you get to the Thika streets at night, you will be shocked the adults have no space at the moment,” the MCA said.

He noted with concern the rise of drug abuse among the young generation even after the fight against alcoholism has been intensified.

“These people are turning to other drugs and we need to take a step as fast as we can in keeping them occupied. Idling is the worst enemy here as they have nothing to do and that’s why they are taking drugs,” he said.