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Thika teachers today could not hide their joy over the decision of the Supreme Court of Kenya to order their employer, The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to pay their salary increament by 31st of this month.A lot of them could be seen conversing in groups on the streets of Thika Town and in coffee joints. They were in much anticipation that the TSC this this time would honour the court ruling.

Thika KNUT Executive Secretary Mr. Joe Mungai Ngige had a very busy morning answering to calls from curious teachers who wanted him to give them the details of the ruling plus assure them that this time, the was issue would be put to rest. He assured them that all was in control but called on them to be patient as their leaders went through the details of the court's outcome. He asked them to wait for the official communication from KNUT Headquarters which would give them the way forward.

However, he had very unkind words to the TSC and its team of advisers for taking this case so while knowing quite well that their argument had no legal basis. He argued that they incurred the government of Kenya losses that should have been avoided. He added that the teachers were not against the Jubilee Government but had to fight for what was rightfully theirs.

"The Kenyan teachers have no problem with President Uhuru and his government, but of his officers are giving his government a bad name and putting teachers in a collision course with his government. Someone must be made to be pay for the loss of money by the government in useless court battles."

He further put the teachers on high alert in case the TSC failed to honour the court's decision.
"My fellow teachers, do not assume that the battle is over. In case they (TSC) don't reflect those changes in your August payslip, we will sure ask you to go to the street and put sense to TSC. No more negotiations with the government. TSC has lost in the court process and justice is all we want," he added.

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