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NYS Boss addressing the striking workers in Kiandutu this afternoon

NYS regional head Mr. Zephania Navangi Makokha has this afternoon moved with speed to quash a looming disaster in The Kiandutu Slum-NYS programme that was threatening to escalate into bloodshed. Responding to this morning's chaos on the recruitment of the youth into the project, Mr. Makokha called on sobriety among the parties involved and called on them to learn to solve their issues amicably.

After holding a closed door meeting with his officers and later with the Kiandutu leaders, Makokha was able to come with a solution to calm the situation.

Addressing the protesting workers at 'Centre Base', he said that it was quite unfortunate that the situation had to reach that level. He reminded them that the programme was supposed to empower them into better people financially and it was their duty to take advantage of it.

He added that the service demanded of them, high levels of discipline, a culture of bonding and saving. He assured them that all their savings were safe in their SACCOs.

"Your money is not lost but you should also learn to save the little you earn for a rainy day. Incidents like the one that happened this morning should not have occurred everyone reasoned together. If anyone of you has some grievances, they should channel them to the authorities and if they don't assist you, just write directly to me and I will ensure that action will be taken," he told them.

He promised them that he would ensure that there was transparency in the re-engagement exercise. He also asked them to be on the look out so that only those residents from their localities benefited from the programme.

"Noone will be enrolled without an ID Card. Anyone who will be caught forging their identity will be dealt with according to the law. Those who are fond of changing phone numbers in order to defraud the officials will also be prosecuted," he warned.

They were also warned that those who would be found to be indisciplined, absconding duty, lazy or working without the NYS T-Shirts, would be dismissed forthwith.
He requested them to report to their bases tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7:30am, in person, and with their ID Cards. 

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