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Five Members of Parliament found themselves in unfamiliar territory after they got lost in Tokyo, Japan, for two consecutive days as they desperately tried to locate the Kenyan volleyball team, which is in Japan for the FIVB World Cup.
The legislators, who travelled to Japan to support and cheer up our very own Malkia Strikers in the FIVB World Cup, arrived in Japan on Sunday without first contacting the Sports Ministry or the Kenya Volleyball Federation in Nairobi to link them up and arrange for their appointments.
And to make matters worse, they claimed to have lost the contacts of the Kenyan Embassy in Tokyo, making it even harder to trace Malkia Strikers or get help.
The MPs wandered aimlessly in the streets of the big city of Tokyo and could only watch the action on TV like the rest of you Kenyans who didn’t have to travel to Japan.
Their desperate search for the Kenyan queens yielded fruits after two days when the MPs coincidentally ended up at the 47 storied Keio Plaza Hotel, where the Malkia Strikers are based. However, they could not meet the team until the next day on Wednesday because they were still in action.
And with the help of the volleyball delegation, the MPs got the contacts of the Kenyan Embassy and were able to purchase tickets at Sh. 7,000 each to watch the Kenya versus Japan match on Wednesday evening.

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