It was total confusion last night on thika roads 

Business in Thika Town came to a standstill after the whole town was turned into a 'parking lot. Confused motorists and commuters who use Thika roads were all caught unawares when President Uhuru Kenyatta made several stop-overs along Thika-Garissa Highway and the Thika Superhighway to address jubilant supporters who had thronged his pathway to have a grimps of their hero.
The town and its environs was a hell of a place as mobility of vehicles in all roads came to a standstill. Bus terminas in Whiteline, Thika Arcade and near Equity Plaza were overcrowded with stranded commuters who had no wind of what had transpired. Major traffic snurl ups reigned in all roads. Getting in or out of Thika was a nightmare.

Stranded commuters at Whiteline stage

Motorists coming into Thika via the superhighway had to contend with a jam that extended beyond Witeithie. Some tried to manuver their own 'panya routes' through Witeithie via Kiandutu but their game ended upon touching Garissa Road. This road was a 'no-go-zone' since vehicles from Makongeni were locked all the way from Posta to the town centre. Vehicles heading to Kisíi Estate, Landless, Muguga and Ukambani areas had to brave the dusty road that passes through Nampak, Broadway Bakery all the way to Umoja Estate and Gacagi where they would then link up with Garissa Road at Naivas Supermarket at Flame Tree Estate.
The few matatus that managed to get into town took advantage of the situation to hike the fares. Comuters who ply the Makongeni routes had to part with either sh10 or sh20 extra above the normal rates. Bodaboda riders and Tuktuks had a booming business. Commuters could be seen still stranded in bus stops even as late as 11pm. The unpatient lot decided to walk home.  

In the confusion, several accidents happened in various locations in the periphery. There was an accident near Jomoko-Thika Road junction, two accidents at Blue Posts and two in Makongeni, one at Polysack and another one at Naivas Makongeni.

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