Residents of Makongeni in Thika sub-county have been cautioned against using certain paths in the area especially in the evenings due to incidents of unprecedented attacks by an unknown gang who are hiding in dark ares of the paths. There has been several reported cases of  attacks and women being sexually molested by an unknown gang of of young men in the area.

Area chief Daniel Waiguru has now vowed to apprehend the culprits but called on the members of public to exercise caution when using these routes. He added that the frequency of these incidences were worrying and he was contemplating closing of the path for the time being. He said that his team as well as the police will from today (Wednesday) lay traps to nab the culprits.

The most affected paths includes the one crisscrossing to Kiganjo and Kiang'ombe behind Phase 10 and Phase 7. The other one was the one near Major Junior Academy near 'Ngamia' slums. There are also reported incidences within the Estates especially around Madaraka Market and Phase 5.

These incidents had previously been reported sometimes last year and had been contained by the authorities. It seems the criminals have started sneaking back and according to Waiguru, they will be dealt with accordingly.

“Let’s secure ourselves first and obey the directive. These routes are dangerous,” the chief said.