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Aftisa hosts inaugural live camera exhibition.

Africa Together In Spirit of Aspiration an art organisation popularly known as (AFTISA) on Saturday 8th held an inaugural live camera exhibition dubbed  "CAMERA EVOLUTION" at ETON HOTEL(THIKA) the 9hour long event was open to the general public.
The main aim of the event was to create a platform for photography enthusiasts,art lovers and photographers alike to network as they appreciate the journey that a camera as a essential device had gone through since the first one was developed till today.
According to Daniel Biu Kamau-Director Aftisa,the event was inspired by his personal love for photography and the arts in general and by organizing this event his main goal was to inspire up coming photographers by taking them through the journey of how far the key most important device in a photographers life (camera) has come from.
"Even though it was challenging to collect such vintage devices from various sources,I know deep down my heart this event and future events will inspire more and more photographers to appreciate the power of cameras," said Daniel.
George Mwaura a local resident and a photography enthusiast hailed the event saying that there is an opportunity for the organizers to take it a notch higher and called upon other photography enthusiasts to be seizing such opportunities for networking and showcasing their works.

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