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Witeithie residents yesterday were treated to an unusual spectacle when police discovered peculiar ingredients used to prepare illicit liqour in the area during the ongoin raids on killer brews. The area chief with the assistance of Administration Police officers retrieved condoms and inner wears in one of the barrels recovered hidden in a bush.
The chief, James Nyoike who led the operation said that the discovery of such unhygienic components was appalling.
"It is very shocking to see what people have been drinking for all this time," he said.
After a tip off by concerned residents of the area, the chief accompanied by Sergeant David Kamau stormed the residence of John Karugu who has been accused of brewing and found empty barrels before proceeding to the bushes where they retrieved the alcohol.
The angry residents demolished his brewing den shortly after.
Sergeant Kamau said the suspect was apprehended and is being held at Thika police station awaiting to be arraigned in court today.
"We found over 750 liters of muratina," said Kamau.
The chief vowed to fight the brew in the area unrelentlesly saying that many youth in the area have reformed. He also observed that insecurity incidents had reduced since the crackdown began.

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