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Kiambu Governor William Kabogo today warned that his administration might decline to renew the land lease for Cirio Del Monte Kenya Limited company when it expires.
Speaking in Thika Town, Kabogo claimed that the company, which is owned by European food processing giant, Cirio Alimentare, had failed to address the plight of locals.
“Del Monte has failed to improve the living standards of Thika residents despite earning millions from pineapple processing," he said .
He claimed that thousands of Thika residents were wallowing in poverty when 'their land is being used to enrich outsiders'.
“Del Monte has been earning over sh 4 billion annually without giving back to local community," he added.
He said the county government would give the land to locals to improve their livelihood.
“The 20,000 acres currently being used by the company can highly improve the lives of Thika residents who are living as squatters," he added.
A similar threat has been expressed by residents from Murang'a County who have accused the company of paying local labourers poorly.

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