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A result of the high demand of prime land around Thika, land grabbers, working in cahoots with corrupt land officials from both Thika and Nairobi, are forging land documents and grabbing land from ignorant land owners and later re-sell it to unsuspecting private developers. They are mostly targeting land belonging to old people, absentee land owners, the dead and individuals they suspect do not have ‘high connections’. Those with allotment letters from the former Thika Municipal Council, those with ballot papers and certificates from land buying companies are the main targets. With the help from corrupt land officials from both Thika and Nairobi, they fraudulently obtain fake title deeds from Nairobi and then forcibly evict the genuine land owners. These land brokers are also forging land officers’ signatures and printing fake green cards. Already some officers found to be colluding with the cons have been suspended and even prosecuted. Police have so far confirmed the arrest of one lands registrar from Thika office for issuing two green cards on one piece of land. Members of public have been urged to be extra vigilant and confirm with the Registrar of Lands office if in doubt. All leases from Nairobi must be thoroughly audited before the issuance of title deeds.

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