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There was some commotion along Kenyatta Highway this afternoon when this disabled lady confronted the young girl who was begging for money next to the Thika Police Headquarters in Thika Town.
She claimed that the young girl had been placed there by known people who ran a cartel of trafficking disabled people from Tanzania and using them to beg money along the streets of Thika Town. The leader of this gang is said to be from Ruiru and that he was earning millions from this illegal act but giving the begger peanuts in return.
Upon further scrutiny, the girl was discovered not to be rally crippled but had just folded her legs to fool the public.
Ms Sela Okato said that such people were giving the government a bad name since all those Kenyans living in disabilities were registered and had ID Cards for the same, including even children. She claimed that they all received government assistance which she had used to educate her kids. She let us view her IDs to aunthesticate her story.

She claimed that these Tanzanians had made it so hard for genuine cases to get assistance.
A large crowd of curious onlookers gathered around  the poor girl and were shocked of the revelation.

By the time we left the scene, the girl had not opened up to tell who always brought them to town in the wee hours of the morning. All she did is to weep and try to cover her face.

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