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The Al Shabaab have formed a terrorists unit code-named 'Jeysh Ayman' assigned to wrest control of Kenya’s pre-dominantly Muslim Coast from the national and county governments. The unit, many of them Kenyans, is carrying out attacks aimed at destroying the tourism industry and ruin the economy. The six-year-old group was founded by a Kenyan Somali, Maalim Ayman, aka Abdiaziz Dubow Ali, of Mandera county but also has Somalis and foreign fighters within its ranks. Former al Shabaab leader Ahmed Abdi Godane directly funded Jeysh Ayman’s activities. He was killed in a US air strike in September 2014. Key Kenyan fighter Mussa Assad also died, but Ahmed Iman Ali, Abdifatah Abubakar Abdi, aka Musa Muhajir, and Maalim Ayman operated along the Kenya/Somalia border. JA, as the terror group’s unit is popularly referred to among jihadis, was initially formed to conduct ambushes and raids along the border but later included attacks on Kenya Defence Forces and Amisom troops among its targets. Ambush squads like the so-called ‘10 Metre Squad’, composed of between 10 and 15 fighters, have concentrated their operations in Kenya's Lacta Belt area, a Northeastern region, and have a base in the vast Boni Forest. They are better equipped than all other units, with most of the fighters armed with AK-47 rifles, hand grenades and machineguns. They are trained to navigate treacherous terrain, walk long distances and use donkeys and camels for transportation. Jeysh Ayman is led by Amir Ramzi as head of Unit and Weapons, Habib Karongo from Nairobi's Majengo as Physical Fitness trainer, Ahmad Iman Ali, aka Abu Zinira, in charge of da’wah (preaching) and Maalim Ayman, Wilderness Survival trainer. The group's six-month training is hard because it involves a lot of walking, up to days at a time, covering hundreds of kilometers.

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