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Anti-terrorist agents are investigating clandestine radicalisation programme inside Kenyan prisons by individuals jailed or detained in connection with terrorist activities. Specifically targeted are the two largest correctional facilities, Kamiti and Shimo-La-Tewa Prisons in Nairobi and Mombasa, respectively.
At least 80 inmates are jailed or remanded at the Kamiti Prions in connection with terror-related offences, while about twice the number are held at Shimo-La-Tewa. British terror suspect Jermaine Grant, who is remanded at the coastal facility, is believed to be among the key masterminds of the radicalisation project.
Confidential say in the last one month, prison authorities have raided cells of suspected radicals where cell phones, USB drives, and literature were found linking them to active terrorist groups outside prisons.

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