Elderly residents in Komo and Witeithie locations in Kiambu County on Tuesday received their share of the 'pesa kwa wazee' fund from the county government.
Bishop Annest Karanja, the chairman of the association of the elderly, orphaned and people with disability in the area, said that the elderly people who are aged 65 years and above were to receive Sh20,000 during this first disbursement.
The 73 registered elderly people gathered in KCB Bank Juja branch to collect their cash.
"We are very keen in giving out this money in form of cash as some due to challenges that the elderly people may have, even in terms of their bio-metrics," he said.
The bishop explained that in cases where one was not in a position to collect the cash, the responsible caretakers would do it on their behalf.
The 'pesa kwa wazee' fund thereafter is to be collected every 2 months where a registered beneficiary will get Sh.4000.
Only one elderly member per family was required to collect the cash.
"This will help us to buy food although it is quite little compared to all our needs," 78-year-old Charles Maina said.
According to the residents, no corruption issues have been noted and the exercise was free and fare.
The fund disbursement is expected to run till Thursday in these locations due to new registrations of older beneficiaries.

SOURCE: hivisasa