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Thika and Ruiru prisons have released over 630 petty offenders in a move to decongest the prisons as announced earlier.
According to the central region Prisons Commissioner Mr Kala Muasya, the prisons are congested and most of the prisoners are petty offenders who should be somewhere else and not the prisons. Muasya said some of the prisoners who were released last week on Friday and Saturday will serve a home jail term while others will take part in community services in their respective towns.
Speaking in Ruiru Prison on Saturday, Muasya said they are also targeting to reduce the government expenditure on some of the offenders who should be punished in their communities to ensure they reform. He further noted that proper management of the released offenders will be carried out in the backyards by the probation officers on the ground to ensure they don’t pose a threat of committing bigger crimes in the society.
He called on those released to reform stating that anyone committing a crime after release will not be spared adding that the members of public should learn the need to flee from criminal activities rather than filling up prisons. Muasya raised concerns over the increasing number of street families brought about by the criminals who are apprehended and jailed leaving their children to live in the streets.
Thika Prisons released 340 offenders while their Ruiru counterparts set free 290.
SOURCE: hivisasa.com

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