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An environmental group has initiated a water conservation project in Gatuanyaga, Thika where residents will be trained on good water conservation practices.
The training is aimed at helping residents to be able to combat and mitigate the effects of dry weather that the area experiences.
Nature Conservancy Regional Coordinator Joseph Njung'e said they will continue working closely with residents on all matters concerning water and land conservation.
"The core business of nature conservancy is to conserve land and waters where lives thrive. That is why we need to work with the people in this area because they are the ones entrusted to not only conserve their environment, but also draw benefits from it," said Njung'e.
Dan Kay, an environmental researcher with the group said the project will help increase the amount of clean water in the area.
"Our activities here are focused on trying to help the residents increase water quantity and quality as well as supplies," said Kay.
They initiated the project after having a three day workshop in Thika Town with other environmental stakeholders.
SOURCE: hivisasa.com

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