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Hellen Muthoni Wacheke, whose picture appears below, is a 14yr old girl from Magina, Kiambu County in Kenya.
She is in need of financial assistance to cater for urgent medical care. She fell down while gathering firewood sometime in August, 2014; and hurt her head. She went into a coma and was admitted in Kenyatta hospital. Her family could not afford keeping her in hospital and they eventually transferred her back home. While in hospital She developed very serious and deep bed sores, we took her to kikuyu hospital where she was reviled by Dr. Aguru and Dr.Mwanzia who both were surgical doctors. Despite their hesitance to admit her, we managed to convince them to take her in. apparently she is at Kikuyu Hospital private wing for wound care and they also agreed to commence on the contractive release on her.
We have been with the gal since last year December so it has been a longway but a successful one.
We had a fundraising on april where we managed to raise 197,000 thanks to our area MP who attended
the fundraising and gave us a personal contribution of ksh.100,000. Our account is almost dry but we are
not ready to give up coz we have came a long way since last year December upto date but God is always with us through his great people. You may be without a coin to support us but through prayers and sharing this message you will really support Hellen.
Target financial support required is at least Sh.1,000,000.

We MAGINA NDIO HOME GROUP and Some other well wishers have been raising funds to aid her .
We are part of a fundraising campaign to raise the money needed cater for all her treatment needs. I
request your assistance. 

Please send your contributions via M-PESA TILL. NO 994490 or
Magina Ndio Home community based organisation Equity account no.0550263841283 or visit  PCEA
Kikuyu Hospital and pay any amount directly to the hospital. Your KSH. 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 will
You can also visit MAGINA NDIO HOME FB GROUP or call our group chairman 0729662277 for
more information and questions.

courtesy:  Sue Njeri Mwangi

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