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Del Monte Kenya honours its retirees and long service employees

Del Monte Kenya Limited  (DMKL) on Monday feted 91 retirees and presented long service awards to another 22 employees in recognition of their commitment, and invaluable contribution to the growth of the company.

The event was hosted by the Managing Director, Mr. Stergios Gkaliamoutsas and was attended by several officials from NSSF and Senior Managers & Staff of the Company.

Speaking during the ceremony, Mr. Gkaliamoutsas commended all the retirees and awardees for their loyalty, commitment, and dedicated service over the years; all of which had contributed to the growth of the company. He noted that its Human Resource   is the most important asset and a crucial part of the success story which Del Monte Kenya has become.

“As you know Del Monte Kenya started from humble beginnings and has grown over the last seven decades to become Kenya’s largest exporter of pineapple products and other tropical fruits and vegetables, all thanks to the dedication, commitment, and intellect of its human resources,” said Mr. Gkaliamoutsas.

Since first establishing its Del Monte Kenya Limited (“Del Monte Kenya”) division, the Del Monte® brand has become one of Kenya’s most significant contributors to social and economic progress. Currently, it exports 5,000 containers of pineapple products and other tropical fruits and beverages through the port of Mombasa every year, directly employs over 6,500 Kenyans, provides company housing for more than 2,500 employees and their families, and generates approximately 28,000 other jobs through companies associated with Del Monte Kenya activities.


  1. Good job, their experience has brought the company to this far.now we up for the new jobs vacancy

  2. Is there employment vacancy......

  3. Is there any vacany in your company now that some of the employees have retired...

  4. Is there any vacancy?

  5. Is there a vacancy at the company. I would be interested to know. http://obituariesandmemorials.co.ke/


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