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"Disabled" beggars in Thika "miraculously" walk after police swoop

There was shock and disbelief at the Thika Police Station when  a number of disabled beggars started walking after being arrested in a swoop by the police in conjunction with the Children Department to clear beggars from the streets and rescue children.

About 38 beggars who pretended to be crippled were netted. 

During the operation, some of the perceived cripples ran faster than the police and disappeared in the streets. 

According to Thika Children's Department, begging has become a very lucrative venture with some reportedly pocketing over Ksh. 150,000 per month. 

Thika sub-county children officer Linah Mwangi said that some of these beggars were very rich and owned bungalows and maisonettes in Nairobi and other urban centres.

"They come very early in the morning and in the evening, walk away smiling after a fruitful day of fooling the ever unsuspecting, generous Thika residents," she explained. 

She cautioned the public against giving money to fake beggars as this encouraged them to continue defrauding Kenyans. 

She said most children will be handed to children homes while foreigners will have to be deported to their mother countries.

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