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Knife-wielding thugs disguising as "Chokoras" wreaking havoc in Thika town

Traders and operators at Thika Main Bus Terminus are calling on the authorities to come up with a comprehensive strategy to eradicate petty thieves and muggers who have now turned Thika town CBD a living hell.

This was revealed after several people were mugged by knife-wielding thugs near the county toilets at the main stage.

The chase led the traders to the thugs' hideout at the nappier grass between Nanasi and Chania River where over 10 thugs managed to escape.

Three knives used in the crime were recovered.

According to the traders, thugs disguising themselves as chokoras (street kids) have wrecked havoc in the town with muggings happening everywhere across the CBD, especially at dawn and in the evenings.

The traders say that it has become very difficult to eradicate the vice since those arrested were always released back to town without any charges leveled against them, a practice that has now made them bolder and more daring.

The thugs spend the night on the various gardens in town and the empty structures within town and in the main bus terminus.

They have now graduated into breaking into people's kiosks and stalls within town.

The traders are now appealing to the authorities to wipe out street families across town as they have turned out to be a very good hideout for thugs.

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