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Have you noticed that Kenyans have acquired a new but unfortunate culture of not telling the truth?

This is more so when they expect sympathy from well-wishers. Whenever well-wishers come out to help the needy and the vulnerable in the society, quite a big percentage of those who turn up for the food rations are never deserving. Someone will come for that unga and shout hoarse how they are dying of hunger but the truth is that they are able to feed themselves, with some even having stocked more than enough food in their houses.

This case scenario replicates itself when it comes to bursary allocation. Most of those who go for the bursaries are well to do people, people who can afford to pay school fees, denying this vital help from reaching to those who most deserve it.

Notwithstanding, ask a Kenyan to meet their obligations such as paying their bills, rent, loans or even school fees.... Over 90% of them will have a reason to justify why they should be exempted from doing so, even when they do have the money to do so.

This year, the biggest scapegoat was COVID-19. The scourge was in most cases used as an excuse to escape from meeting their obligation, even for those who lived like kings when away from their debtors.

Come January, I believe COVID-19 will still be used as an excuse to be pardoned from paying school fees, paying rent or any other obligations. This is despite the fact that yesterday (Christmas Day), very many of the same people spent fortunes to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Entertainment joints were packed to capacity with some even seeking extra space to accommodate the never ending flow of revelers.

Supermarkets have been a beehive of activities for the last few days. The major highways were locked for the last two days as people traveled upcountry for the festivities. Majority of these vehicles were self-drive car hires, notwithstanding those travelling in PSVs, paying a fortune in fares.

In the village, these guys had a point to prove to their peers upcountry.... that they had made it life and could "chafua" the tables till morning.
Another situation where Kenyans exhibit their lying prowess is when they find themselves on the wrong side of the law... Hapo they will never admit being in the wrong and they will always have something or someone to blame and in most cases, the blame will be thrown to the enforcers of the law.

These days, it has been very hard to believe anyone.... Always forcing one to live with some benefit of doubt. Kenyans have learnt to say the opposite of what they really mean. Ukiamini Wakenya saana utajipata umewachwa kwa mataa.

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