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Have you ever asked yourself why majority of those in power don't want an orderly and organised environment?

SIMPLE... Social disorganisation creates an enabling environment for corruption. Corruption thrives in a disorganised environment.

Look at Thika's CBD for instance. The town is in a real mess even with a functioning government in place. Illegal structures are everywhere. Matatus, bodabodas and tuktuks park anyhow causing so much inconvenience. No one wants to come up with a lasting solution to the hawkers' menace. WHY?

In the midst of this confusion, county officials collect millions daily in bribes from those illegally creating this confusion. Corrupt county officials "sell" spaces everyday within the CBD for more illegal structures and collect "rent" from the existing illegal structures. Rogue police pocket millions from criminals and drug dealers who find a safe haven in this confusion etc.

With all this money at their exposure, do you expect them to work to bring order? They can't! That's closing their shop!

Illegal trade, crime and corruption will continue to flourish as long as we allow such disorganisation into our urban set-ups. The situation only allows about 1% of the population to benefit as 99% of the rest struggle to make ends meet.

Illegal drug use, drug trafficking and crime will always be the order of day within our towns as long as we are comfortable living in a confused environment. There is a big relationship between neighborhood social organisation, illegal drug activities and the high rates of crime and corruption in our towns.

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