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Kiambu not ready for another impeachment - Chania

Renown Kiambu politician and Counseling Psychologist Gladys Chania has called for a ceasefire amongst Kiambu leaders over the endless political infighting.

Speaking exclusively to Thika Town Today - 3T on Tuesday, Chania said that the county had lost so much time and resources due to political intolerance and unnecessary impeachment debates.

"We wouldn't want to start those impeachment sessions again. Kiambu County went through a very difficult period during the (former Governor) Waititu-Nyoro tag of war. Then came COVID-19 that hit so many of our people economically and straining our resources. I therefore appeal for ceasefire and beg all the warring camps to resort to dialogue. Let all sides listen to each other, at least for now. If there is a better leadership awaiting the county, we can afford to wait until 2022 to make the changes we want," she said.

Chania noted that the 36 MCAs who have already appended their signatures in preparation to table an impeachment motion against Governor James Nyoro were yet to hit half the assembly membership which has 92 MCAs and should instead focus their energies towards alleviating the suffering Kiambu residents were going through.

"It's also my hope and prayer that the electorate have learnt their lessons by now. They should never again gamble with their vote. They should always choose a good executive officer because to correct another person's work is very difficult. All these gaps are generated from election ballot box," she concluded.

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