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KEBS lifts ban on Gental Care Hand Sanitiser

KEBS Quality Assurance and Inspection Officer taking records of Gental Care Hand Sanitizer Post Production Quality control at BIDCO Africa’s manufacturing plant in Thika. Looking on is Kennedy Simba- BIDCO’s Lead Quality Assurance and Systems Officer.

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has cleared Gental Care Hand Sanitiser and certified  the product as fully compliant with the standards and all measures on quality and safety.

The sanitiser, that is manufactured by BIDCO AFRICA, was on 22nd May 2020 listed among a host of other products from other companies that had been suspended by KEBS over non-compliance.

However, in a notice dated 28th May 2020, KEBS lifted the suspension stating that Gental Care Hand Sanitizer was fully compliant with set standards and met all measures on quality and safety.

In a statement after receipt of the lifting of this ban said, BIDCO said; “We assure all our customers and consumers that whereas we remain fully committed towards enhancing Happy, Healthy and Safe Living, we will never compromise on quality. BIDCO continues to cooperate and inclusively consult with KEBS not only on the quality and safety of Gental Care Hand Sanitizer but also on all fronts. 
We continually listen to the rising needs and changing trends of our customers and the consumer community at large– a true spirit of the heritage BIDCO has championed over the years.”

According to the company, KEBS officials visited the company’s manufacturing plant in Thika twice on a rigorous exercise that saw samples of Gental Care Hand Sanitizer subjected to test and confirmation on quality and alcohol concentration. They  conducted a surveillance audit, collected random samples as BIDCO recalled two batches of the product from the market on their advice.

In both of these visits, BIDCO provided KEBS with evidence of measures on Pre-production Quality Assurance as well as Post-production Quality control.

The company promised its customers that they would never relent on their resolve to work with the wananchi and communities that were in dire need of help and support especially those affected most by COVID-19 pandemic.

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