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All the Highlights of the DG Nyoro-Thika traders meeting for “THE THIKA WE WANT”..

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro (centre) keenly follows proceeding of "THE THIKA WE WANT" at a Thika Hotel on Thursday. With him is Township MCA Andrew Kimani (extreme left), Kamenu MCA Raphael Chege, TDBA Chairman Alfred Wanyoike and Thika sub-county Admin Nyoroku Ng'ang'a.
The following are some of the highlights of the meeting between the Thika Business Community under the umbrella of Thika District Business Association (TDBA) and Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro..

–  This meeting is one of the many to come and precedes another that will involve Thika manufacturers under the Kenya Association of Manufacturers.

–  The county government will revisit the county housing policy that limits residential flats to 5-storey buildings with a view to preparing Thika for population upsurge in the next 15-20 years.

–  They will also revisit the regulations on infrastructure and put mechanisms that will allow for roads and infrastructure that can accommodate bigger human and machine traffic.

–  Stakeholders to sit down and map out a 20-30 years spatial plan for Thika to avoid cases of residential areas being interlocked with industrial developments. 
In this plan, we will have areas set aside purely for residential purposes, others for light industries, medium and heavy industrial area. 
The plan will also show how each will deal with their waste and effluents.

–  They will also develop a master plan for more bypasses around Thika to remove through-traffic to the periphery for those motorists who have no business in Thika for purposes of improving the flow of traffic in and out of the town.  

–  The DG will meet THIWASCO management on Friday (today) to discuss how to fill in the missing positions for directors, something that has stalled some of the major projects earmarked for implementation by the company in its bit to improve on water and sewerage services to its customers.
Some of the major projects that have stalled due to lack of a full board is the Sh. 800 million World Bank funded Karimenu-Maryhill water project that pump into the system, 15,000 m3 (15 million litres) daily.
The company is also in negotiation with DANIDA to provide another Sh. 8 billion water and sewerage project.
There will also be another water project in Ngoliba and several other boreholes and alternative water sources for Gatuanyaga.

–  In the next few days, the county government in collaboration with the residents will make a comprehensive inventory of all public land grabbed in Thika with a view of taking them back for public use.

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–  Companies in Thika discharging effluents given a 2-weeks’ ultimatum to stop after which anyone found releasing the same to the rivers will have their companies closed.

–  Starting next week, the county government will start sealing all potholes and partly light up a few dark areas where security has been a challenge within Thika’s CBD

–  In the next financial year, the county’s priority is to completely resurface all these roads and lighting all the corners of Thika town.

–  With the help of the national government, the county will start installing CCTV Cameras on some of the key buildings and streets in Thika town with a view of checking on insecurity.

–  The DG said that he would not allow hawkers to display their wares in front of other people’s businesses or in the middle of the streets. He therefore directed the sub-county admin, township MCA, hawkers and shop owners to schedule a meeting to discuss the way forward. The meeting should come up with short-term and long term solutions to the problem after which he will assist in the implementation of these remedies.

–  The county government, in partnership with other stakeholders, is in the process of investing in modern kiosks to accommodate all those doing business in illegal structures within the CBD and around the Thika Level 5 Hospital.

–  The public transport operators need also to sit down and work out a permanent solution to parking spaces for matatus, buses, bodabodas and tuktuks to solve the congestion they cause within the CBD.  The DG has revoked all those “fake” letters allocating spaces to particular Saccos that were “politically correct”.

–  There will be no more food hawking in Kiambu due to the health risks involved. The county government might be forced to allocate some space to these food vendors where they shall cook and operate from in a regulated more manner.

–  The county government will ensure all the hospitals have enough drugs especially Level 3 and Hospitals, which are a big challenge since they offer free services. 
They will also construct a central medical store at Kiambu where these hospitals can collect their supply of drugs.

–  On the issue of waste management, the DG directed that no vehicle from other counties should be allowed to bring their garbage to Kang’oki dumpsite.

–  The county government will demand back any land held by Del Monte Kenya in trust so that it can be used as a special economic zone for Thika. It will also renew their lease on condition that they do some social enterprising whereby they come up with programmes that will uplift the standards of living for the people of Kiambu.

–  The DG also said that he will work out a plan for the revival of the Thika-Nairobi railway system and may be connect it to the SGR to ease transport of goods to and from the port of Mombasa.

–  Each of the 5 wards within Thika Town Constituency will work under a Ward Admin who will oversee the implementation of all county government projects and addressing the concerns of the residents in partnership with the area MCAs and other government departments.

–  The county government is formulating a cabinet paper to develop a Kiambu Inspectorate Department help them ensure all county bylaws are followed and people feel secure including traffic marshals.

–  The county government also plans to realign the operations in the department of building approvals where there will be major changes on the duties by different players including the planners and financial accountants.
They will also come up with a moratorium that offers a window to all those who previously put up buildings without the necessary approvals to come forth and be assisted to get the same.

–  Before people break for Christmas, the DG will come back to Thika with a master plan for Thika, with emphasis on short, medium and long-term solutions for THE THIKA WE WANT.
The policy document will include key achievement indicators to help monitor its implementation.

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