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Sick girl rescued after mother abandons her for 2 months without food.

Eunice Muringi, a Community Health Worker holds the frail Naomi Nyokabi after the rescue mission at the Kiandutu slums.
A 17-year old girl suffering from cerebral palsy has been rescued by the Thika Children’s office after being abandoned by her mother in a dingy shack within Kiandutu slums for close to two months.

The officers with the help of the police came to the rescue of the visibly malnourished and very week Naomi Nyokabi on Tuesday morning following a tip off by the members of public.

According to the Thika West Sub-County Children’s officer Rebecca Kariuki, the girl has survived without food and water after the mother abandoned her claiming that she was “demonic”.

“We found her shoved into a baby cot at the corner of the poorly lit room. She was very weak and malnourished,” said Kariuki.

Nyokabi’s plight was first brought to the limelight about 5 years ago where her father, a Paul Waweru sought the intervention of the Children’s office to have the mother compelled to take care of her after they separated. 

The mother is said to have left with her other children leaving Nyokabi in the custody of her father and her ailing grandmother.

Leah Muthoni who is Nyokabi's mother wails uncontrollably moments after she was arrested
During this summon, it was unanimously agreed that the mother, Leah Muthoni, should take an active role in the care of the ailing girl more so because she was now in her puberty and needed assistance especially during her menses.

Muthoni, a mother of 8 and works as a subordinate staff at the Thika Level 5 Hospital later visited the Thika Children’s Offices and alleged that she was unable to handle the girl as the paternal side of the girl had spelt a curse on her and she was exuding some demonic behaviour an allegation that she could not

Ms. Kariuki insists that the girl’s condition was a result of hunger and lack of proper care.

Nyokabi has been admitted at the Thika Level 5 hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Her mother has since been arrested and will be arraigned in court to face charges of child negligence

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