Wife killed, doctor critically injured in night thug shooting at Ngoingwa.

Murang'a Governor Mwangi Wairia at the Thika Level 5 Hospital ICU consoling Dr. Kimani Kigambi who was attacked by unknown people at his Ngoingwa home last night. With him is Kiambu County Health CEC Dr. Joseph  Murega.

A medical doctor has been admitted at Thika Level 5 Hospital in critical but stable condition after he and his wife were attacked by unknown people at their home in Ngoingwa Estate.

Dr. Kimani Kagimbi, an ENT surgeon attached to Murang’a Level 5 Hospital, was attacked by about two or more gangsters who waylaid them as they drove into their compound at around 1am Tuesday morning.

According to preliminary reports gathered by Thika Town Today, the couple had just driven into the compound when two men shoved the gate as the house-help closing it. They went straight to where the couple were and after a brief scuffle they shot dead his wife and commandeered the doctor and his house-help into the vehicle.

The thugs are said to have driven off with the two up to the ACK St. Stephen Church where they dropped them and shot Dr. Kimani several times before speeding away in another vehicle.

The maid was unharmed even though she was too horrified to explain what really transpired.

“We found the body of his wife laying on the ground just about 2 metres from the main house door. She was already dead when we arrived and we could not do anything to save her,” narrated one of the neighbours who were among the first on the scene after the incident.

It is alleged that the neighbours were awoken by gunshots before the maid came screaming that the thugs had shot both the couple.

Dr. Kimani was rushed to Thika Level 5 Hospital where he was successfully operated and put under intensive care unit.

“Dr. Kimani has suffered 4 gunshot wounds in the head and the upper chest area but luckily none of the bullets touched any of his vital organs. He is now recuperating well at our ICU and immediately he is stable, we will transfer him to the general ward,” explained Dr. Joseph Ng’ang’a Murega, Kiambu County Health CEC.

Murang’a Governor Mwangi Wairia thanked medics Thika Level 5 Hospital for their quick which he attributed to saving Dr. Kimani’s life.

He also called upon the security agencies to zero in on the isolated cases of crimes in the region.

“First I would want to give credit to the security agencies as the rate of crime is on a general decline in the country. The police should now zero in on those few emerging cases such as this one that happened at Ngoingwa this morning,” said the Murang’a Governor. 

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