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Cardinal Njue Celebrates St Patrick's Day urges faithful to embrace strong family values.

Cardinal John Njue leads catholic faithful in celebrating mass at St Peter The Rock grounds during St Patrick's Day Feast.    

Thousands of enthusiastic Catholic faithfuls filled Thika streets from as early as 8:00 am despite the looming rains that had pounded the town the previous days. The faithfuls joined the procession to unveil St Patrick's Statue while singing hymns and braving the chilly weather in readiness to celebrate the family day mass as they headed to St Peter The Rock where the grounds were filled to capacity as faithful keenly participated in the celebration.

In his homily, Cardinal Njue called on faithfuls to continue embracing strong family values based on the word of God and African traditions. He said couples need to cherish one another to build an environment of stable families saying God’s desire is to have strong families built on the foundation of his holy word.

“God wants all of us to build our lives in the foundation of his word, that is the charge the Lord gives to each of us, the family is at the basis of society, and it’s also at the basis of the Church, so if there is a unified understanding of what the family is all about, then I think we have nothing to lose" said Cardinal Njue.

He also challenged the faithfuls to show remain firm and united learn to live in harmony and respect with one another.

“May God bless all parishioners of  St Patrick's with His peace, stand strong in faith. Do not be afraid, for you belong to the Lord.” he said.

Close to 100 catecumen drawn from different outstations within St Patrick’s church were also conferred with the sacrament of confirmation. 

Saint Patrick was a fifth-century Romano-British Christian missionary and bishop in Ireland. Known as the "Apostle of Ireland", he is the primary patron saintof Ireland.

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