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Social media misleading the youth to expect unrealistic things – Director.

The Director Uzuri Institute of Professionals Thika Mercy Githinji.

 By Ng'ang'a Thairu.

Social media addiction is slowly becoming problematic as majority of the people focus more on holding their phones than talking and sharing their thoughts in person. It is also misleading young people to expect unrealistic things out of life than what’s actually possible.

This was a message delivered by the Director Uzuri Institute of Professionals Thika Mercy Githinji during the institution’s 15th graduation ceremony on Friday.

While acknowledging that technology was good in the society’s pursuit to personal and communal solutions to problems, Githinji lamented that it was slowly distracting people from actually spending time together.

“Social media has taken human illusion to a whole new level. They have allowed us to paint a more successful, beautiful elegant intelligent versions of ourselves — or sometimes exactly the opposite. Young people have gone to an extent of replacing relationships with Facebook and Twitter instead of strengthening existing physical relationships and creating new ones,” said the director.

She the youth against poking the elderly on social media and instead try to interact with them for advice and blessings

While calling on parents to give their children a free hand in the choice of careers, the director called on young people to avoid stereotype and do what they believed was best for them and also shed the misconception that certain careers are meant for certain a gender,

“We have women engineers who have done extremely well in various fields and while the services of young men are very, much sought after in the hair industry. Very few young men are ready to take this courses and this is a trend which needs to change,” she advised.

Over 300 students graduated with certificates and diplomas in various courses  

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