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4 nabbed in raid on illegal LPG refilling plant in Umoja.

Officers led by the ERC Technical Officer Hamed Ahmed and Thika West DCC supervising the confiscation of LPG gas cylinders nabbed in an illegal refilling plant in Thika. 

Four people have been arrested in a raid on two illegal LPG refilling plant in Umoja and Kamenu areas of Thika West Sub-County.

The raid was conducted by a joint team from the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) and the Thika West Security agencies on Thursday.

Those nabbed were working inside the factory when the swoop took place. The owners of the two outlets are said to have managed to escape the dragnet but the four are helping police with investigations.

At the Umoja estate facility police had a hard time gaining entry as the culprits failed to honours orders to open notwithstanding the fact that the compound was guarded by several dogs.

The plant is surrounded by a very high perimeter wall with CCTV cameras mounted on it.

ERC’s Technical Officer Hamed Ahmed said that the two LPG outlets were operating without NEMA licenses and were situated within residential areas, thus posing great danger to area residents.

“It’s not safe to have such a plant within a residential area. Such a business puts the lives of people in danger since they can burst and cause fire and other accidents at any time,” said Ahmed.

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He cautioned the public not to sacrifice safety over convenience and the low cost of illegally refilled LPG gas cylinders as they were more likely to blow up.

Thika West DCC Tom Anjere called on members of the public to collaborate with law enforcement officers to deal with the proliferation of illegal LPG and fuel outlets within residential areas adding that the Energy Regulatory officers will continue in the crackdowns.

Among those present during the operation included the Thika NEMA officer Charity Kaara, Thika OCPD Willy Simba, Thika Regional Administrator Christopher Wanjau and the entire security committee.

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