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Shock as decomposing bodies of young couple found in rented room.

Shocked residents of Maguguni village discussing in low tones outside the room where the two love birds (INSET) were found dead on Monday morning. 

Maguguni residents in Thika East Sub-County have expressed shock after decomposing bodies of a young couple were found in a rented single-room house.

The body were discovered on Monday morning by a neighbour who said he was alerted by a foul smell emanating from the house.

According to Paul Kogi who was among the first people to arrive at the scene, the neighbour was cleaning the room next door with intent to shift when he was alerted by an unusual foul smell and the presence of flies coming out of the house. He is said to have banged on the door and again called to his neighbour but there was no response even though the door was locked from the inside.

He immediately alerted their landlord who came and supervised the breaking of the window where they were met by the sight of a man’s body hanging from the rafters.

Kogi says that the nature of the furniture indicated that there might have been a struggle since everything was scattered all over the room.

“The girl was sprawled on the bed, covered in clothing and some cloth stuffed into her mouth. It seems that the man first strangled her to death before taking his life by the rope,” narrated Kogi.

Kogi added that it was hard for neighbours to hear any commotion because the room was the only one occupied in that section of the newly build rental houses.

Grace Wanjiru, the deceased girl’s cousin explained that the two were not legally married but had developed some disagreements in the recent times to a point where the young man had threatened to kill her.

“A fortnight ago, he beat her up at night, forcing her to run away and seek refuge into my home. The matter was reported to Ngoliba Police Station where the man was reprimanded not to interfere with the girl’s life,” explained Wanjiru.

“Four days ago, my cousin came and rented this room but I do not know how this man knew of her new house and how he came to gain entry into her room,” she continued.

Sources close to the two allege that the man used to go to the school where the deceased girl was a teacher, and every time shouting that he would kill someone who was working there.

The deceased girl had just won a job at Wapa Academy, which is barely a stone-throw away from the place their bodies were discovered.

“She just finished college last year and was lucky to get a job in this school last October. This man is married and with two kids even though he separated with his wife who is now staying with his mother,” said Wanjiru who is the one that hosted her cousin when she came to Thika to look for a job.

She blamed police laxity saying that her cousin would still be alive today had they taken serious action against the perpetrator. 

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