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MCA stabbed by bhang peddler, police release suspect mysteriously.

Witeithie Ward MCA Julius Macharia Taki is nursing facial wounds after he was stabbed by a bhang peddler when he attempted to apprehend them with a large consignment of the drug.

According to the MCA, the incident occurred earlier this week during a fete he had organised to tap youth talent in his area.

“We had just finished our extravaganza when suddenly some young boys robbed a lady near the venue. Our boys ran after them and a few metres away, pounced on a vehicle that was delivering some bhang to area peddlers,” explained the MCA.

Taki says that when they came and reported the matter to him, he acted immediately but unfortunately got a few minutes after the van had left.

“We managed to arrest the two guys who had received the bhang and as we were struggling with them, one of them removed a knife and stabbed me on the face and in the ensuing confusion, managed to flee. We booked the other one at the Witeithie Police Post,” he said.

However, the suspect was later released by the police under mysterious circumstances without any charges.

The residents we talked to alleged that the suspect bribed his way out of the cells, something they said was the norm at that particular police post.

“His accomplishes gave the police sh. 60,000 to buy his release. This is what they do here and that is why crime in Witeithie never ends,” said one resident.

The residents said that the family of the suspect had a big history in crime and just recently, one of his brother had been nabbed with a gun but was released in a similar fashion. They wondered how the police could guarantee their security if at all they allowed such criminals to walk scot-free.

“Witeithie will always harbour criminals not unless we have some complete overhaul of officers manning this post. We cannot even report criminals for fear of reprisal since some of these officers expose our identities to them after we leave their station,” said another resident.

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