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Back to School Blues

By Alison Kabaara Kiriinya

Are you suffering from the back to school blues? Have you found that you are rushed off your feet, and you wonder why you did not organize yourself better? Here are some quick pointers to get you organized for next term!

1. Read the School Newsletter /Circular

Many of us forget to look at the school newsletter, taking note of the critical points, especially the school opening date. It makes more sense to read the newsletter as soon as you receive it, and then mark the opening date in your diary or calendar. That way, you can organize your back to school requirements in time.

2.  Make the Shopping Lists in Good Time

Do not wait until a week before school opens to check the uniforms, shoes, book lists and other school requirements. Get the older children to make a list of what they need for the next term. Also, the children must try on their uniform and shoes so that you know what needs replacing.

3. Pay School Fees Early

The queue of parents lining up in the bank to pay school fees can be quite daunting. To avoid being stuck in a stuffy banking hall the day before school opens, pay your dues early. Making early payments, however, requires you to plan ahead and be disciplined financially, as the money for school fees always finds an alternative use, especially around the holiday season!

4. Buy Uniform and Shoes Before the Crowds Set In

Did you know that you could save some money on uniforms? Well, if you plan to purchase school uniform early, you will have time to show around for the best prices and quality. You will also have a chance to identify any shops that may have discounts for regular shoppers. In addition, you will have adequate time to label all new items of clothing.

5. Sort out Grooming Issues in Time

Girls need to have their hair plaited, and boys need to be shaved. If you wait until the last minute, you will find your favorite kinyozi and hairdresser booked! Make the appointments early to avoid disappointment.

6. Make the Process Fun for the Family

Take your kids shopping with you when you go to buy school supplies so that they can learn to own the process. Use the opportunity to teach them about financial management, how to take care of their school items, and how to help you carry the heavy bags! Most of all, bond with your kids as you shop, and don't forget to take them for lunch afterward!

The back to school process need not be stressful. All you need to do is plan properly and involve the kids, and you will have fun!

The Author is a part-time teacher working in Ruiru and Nairobi, though she lives in Thika.
You can get in touch with Alison via Email address alison.kiriinya@gmail.com

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