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MP's Plan to construct two secondary schools in each ward, feed pupils with eggs.

Thika MP Patrick Wainaina addressing Jodan Institute of Technology graduants and parents at the Thika Stadium on Friday
Thika Town MP Eng. Patrick Wainaina has challenged tertiary institutions to produce graduates who are more agile, have a solid understanding of the job market and who can also create their own jobs.

Taking note that employment market had tightened, the MP, while speaking at the Thika Sub-County Stadium where he was a guest at the 4th Graduation Ceremony of Jodan Institute of Technology, said that these institutions needed to teach 'employability' among their students as well as impacting skills necessary to venture into entrepreneurship.

"Education ought to take its full cycle where after schooling, majority of the graduates can be assimilated into the available job market with the rest venturing into entrepreneurship and creating more jobs. As your MP I want to make sure all this talent does not go to waste but is utilised to create more wealth in this region and the country at large," said the legislator.

He added that this was part of the reason that he had tabled a bill in Parliament to check on unnecessary imports into the country that were eventually costing our youth the much needed jobs.

Wainaina said that he had prepared a very elaborate programme that would improve the standards of education in Thika, notwithstanding ensuring a 100% transition rate from Primary to Secondary education.

To achieve this, the MP said that he intends to put up two day secondary schools in each ward, one for girls and another one for boys, where students who complete primary schools but miss out on the main schools can be assimilated. he added that he was also in talks with the Education Ministry and the management of the five main secondary schools in the area to construct additional classes that could accommodate day scholars from the constituency.

In each of these cases, the MP plans to procure a bus that will be used to ferry the students to school and back home.

"I plan to use the resources at our disposal to construct two classrooms each in Thika High, Maryhill Girls, Chania Boys, Chania Girls, Thika Girls Karibaribi and Mang'u high schools to accommodate our own students who have attained 350 marks and above to be admitted as day scholars. We will provide school buses to each of these cases so as to ease their access to school," he explained.

He admitted that majority of the public primary schools in the constituency were in very deplorable state and a lot needed to be done to improve infrastructure in these institutions. He promised to lobby companies and the business community to 'adapt a classroom' since his office could not manage this alone.

"The money I have as CDF cannot be enough to do all these things. So, I am calling on all stakeholders to join in our 'adopt a classroom' programme and help to make our public schools more learner friendly," he said.

He added that in this programme, he planned to set aside a kitty to also motivate both the learners and the teaching staff with a view of encouraging them to work on the education standards in their schools.

"Starting next term, I plan to start the 'Egg Monday Programme' where every pupil in all our public schools will be eating an egg every Monday morning. This will help improve class attendance and the general health of the learners," he said.

Wainaina added that the egg Monday programme would be used as a source of income to parents as they will be encouraged to come keep poultry that will be supplying the eggs to their children.

"I am asking our parents to keep a few hens and form their own clusters where they will be supplying the eggs to schools. We intend to buy them at sh. 15 each so that the parents benefit twofold through earning money and also some of them being employed to be cooking for their own kids at school," he explained.

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