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Father kills his children aged 2 and 7, then attempts suicide.

Curious members of public peep through to see what remained of the room that James Kioho killed his two children in Kiganjo Estate Thika. Neighbours had to break down the door and window in order to gain access into the house after Kioho refused to open the door.
In a rather horrific incident, a 32-year-old man has killed his two children before turning the same knife on himself on Tuesday night.

According to the shocked neighbours, James Kioho Wanjiku allegedly stabbed to death his seven-year old son and two-year-old daughter at his house in Kiganjo Estate Thika at around 7:30pm.

His sister told us that Kioho had just returned to Kiganjo from their rural home in Narumoru in Nyeri County accompanied by the two children, leaving the wife behind. She added that, before leaving home, her brother had reportedly quarreled with his wife and left in anger.

The sister continued to say that Kioho later in the evening called his mother warning her that he would commit suicide by taking poison and then kill their two children.

“Immediately after the phone call, my mom called me and we rushed to the home only to come face to face with the tragedy,” she said amidst some sobs.

Kioho's neighbours acknowledged hearing the children screaming but never took it serious at first. They were aroused when the screams turned to groaning as though the child was being strangled to death.

“Yes, I heard the screams but at first I thought it was a mother disciplining her kids. But then I heard some funny noise similar to a child getting strangled and dashed out of my house. It is then I saw three people outside the suspect’s door pleading with him to open the door,” narrated one of the neighbours.

Their attempts to plead with him to open the door fell on deaf ears and so they decided to break the door.

As they were doing so, Kioho threatened to burn down the house and went ahead to light his gas cooker before stabbing himself on the chest.

Luckily, the neighbours managed to force themselves into the room before the house caught fire but not in time to save the children.

“By the time we gained entry into the house the kids were already dead. We found bodies of the girls lying in a pool of blood,” said a visibly shaken neighbour.

Confirming the incident, Thika West OCPD Willy Simba said that the suspect is in their custody and will be arraigned in court once he recuperates and is in a position to stand trial in court.

“Once he is out of hospital we will arraign him in court and charge him with the murder of the two minors and attempted murder,” said the OCPD.

Sources told Thika Town Today that the couple have been living in constant quarrels and in August this year, the wife was forced to leave with the children and go to Narumoru to live with her in-laws.

The suspect is now fighting for his life at Thika Level Five Hospital with the bodies of kids being preserved at the General Kago Road Funeral Home.

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