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Businessman shot dead by unknown gunmen in Kiganjo.

A recent photo of the slain businessman Paul Kiarie.
A Thika businessman was Wednesday night shot dead by unknown assailants outside his house in Kiganjo Estate, Thika West Sub-County.

The man who was identified as Paul Kiarie was gunned down at around 9pm under mysterious circumstances just a few metres from his gate.

The slain businessman operated two popular hardwares in Kiganjo and Muthara area. 

According to eyewitness account, the gunmen waylaid Kiarie near his home in a Toyota probox that is said to have been packed nearby since around 7pm.

“That car had been packed there since 7 o’clock with its hazards on and occupants positioning themselves strategically as though it had broken down. In fact no one could have suspected anything amiss with the car,” said a witnesses.

It is alleged that Kiarie came driving home from work and stopped a few metres away to answer a phone call.

“It was at that juncture that the thugs struck. They seemed to struggle to snatch his phone from him for quite some time before they shot him once. They argued about something for about 20 minutes before dragging him aside and shooting him thrice in the stomach,” explained our source.

The thugs are said to have majestically walked into their car and drove off towards Makongeni area.

Our source added that the thugs fled without stealing anything from the victim.

It is alleged that almost at the same time, another person was shot and injured in Makongeni’s Phase 5. It is still unclear if the same thugs were involved in the second incident.

Police are said to have reported at the scene of crime about half an hour later despite the area having an AP Post near Kimuchu Primary School and a Police post near Kiganjo Primary School.

People we spoke were torn between so many theories about the possible cause of this murder with some suspecting business rivalry or a deal gone sour as possible reasons.

There was also some who suspected that this could be as a result of a previous love relationship that went sour and may be the other woman was out to revenge the separation.

Those we spoke to complained of deteriorating security in Kiganjo and the neighbouring Muthara area in Juja Constituency where they said that livestock theft had skyrocketed in the recent times.

“Every other day we lose about three to four cows especially the dairy ones. These thieves come with vehicles and transport them through Muthara area,” said one residents.

The residents called for an overhaul of the security personnel in the area as they accused them of getting compromised to abet crime in the area. 

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