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RAFT MEASURES: Waititu pleads with MCAs to support him make Kiambu the ‘model county’.

Governor Ferdinand Waititu Baba Yao addressing the County Assembly on Tuesday where he urged the MCAs to support his government's agenda for Kiambu.
Governor Ferdinand Waititu Baba Yao has urged Kiambu Members of County Assembly (MCAs) to fully support his government in enacting ‘Wanjiku friendly’ laws as he endeavoured to involve the common mwananchi in all governance programmes in his administration.

While addressing the house on Tuesday during the ceremonial opening of the first session of the 2nd assembly, Gov. Waititu promised to make a raft of changes in his new administration and overhaul the workings of the devolved unit to ensure that the county achieved profound transformation.

Waititu highlighted his administration’s key focus areas for the next five years which included infrastructural development, provision of clean water to all sub-counties, creating an enabling environment to business and entrepreneurship, empowerment of youth and persons with disabilities among others. 

He appealed to the MCAs to support all budgetary estimates brought before the house so as to aid in actualising his vision for the county.  

On the road infrastructural programme, the governor promised to buy one grader for each constituency to make sure that all impassible roads were upgraded besides tarmacking all access roads across the county.

Acknowledging that about 60% of the county’s population depended on agriculture, the governor said that they will lay a lot of emphasis in this sector to ensure that they were food secure through sinking of dams for irrigation in the semi and arid areas of the county.

They said that they had a major programme to revive cash crop farming to improve both production and marketing, especially for coffee and tea as they expanded the growing of macadamia and avocados among others whose demand in the international market was on the increase.

“We will also set up a value addition factories so that pineapples in Gakoe and bananas from Ng’enda will fetch higher prices for our farmers. We intend to attract local and international investors who will, in the next 200 days, establish a world-class bacon factory in Kiambu,” said Waititu.

On health, Waititu said that his government will work closely with all stakeholders to improve on the county’s health services and ensure that drugs were made available to hospitals. He added that they will embark on a programme to upgrade and improve infrastructure in all the health facilities within the county.
A group photo of the members of the County Assembly and the Executive led by His Excellency Gov. Ferdinand Waititu.

Waititu promised to work with the national government and other stakeholders to ensure that they formed a common strategy for education that would help improve the standards of education from Early Childhood (ECDE) to the university level.

The Kiambu government also plans to take advantage of the basic infrastructure such as the proposed Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in Nachu Kikuyu Constituency to develop industrial parks that will help them create wealth and jobs for the youth.
“My government will buying about 500 acres of land to set up industrial parks, the first to in Nachu in Ndeiya sub-county where the SGR is expected to pass through. We will also embark on visibility studies and mobilisation of resources for the establishment of a modern bacon factory in Uplands and establish a food security programme with special emphasis on arid and semi-arid areas of Ndeiya, Karai, Ngoliba and Gatuanyaga to enhance food production in those areas,” said the Kiambu governor.

Waititu promised to review and revise all levies, charges and licences through public participation so as to improve the business environment and attract more investors into the county.

“We will also provide clean and adequate drinking water to all the residents of Kiambu County, fast-track the issuance of title deeds and review the county physical building act through public participation with a view of developing rules that that encourage proper development and other related construction works so as to enhance employment and wealth creation,” he said.

He emphasised on the need to have the separate organs of the government to work closely together to achieve development goal and requested the assembly to approve all bills that the administration plans to table before the house in order to fast track delivery efforts.

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