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Meet Abigeal Muthoni Njiru Miss Grand Ambassador Thika.

Abigeal Muthoni Njiru The Miss Grand Ambassador Thika.
Abigeal Muthoni Njiru is the current Miss Grand Ambassador Thika 2017, the first ever female model to ever hold this title, the third born child in her family is a pursing a certificate in Public Health at Gresta Univeristy-Thika.

The adventure lover advices young ladies to be wary of certain vices in the society, and to avoid by all means necessary rushing into getting famous or rich through dubious means such promiscuity, acknowledging that HIV/AIDS levels are prevalent among her peers in institute of higher learning perhaps due to the sudden fad of  campus girls seeking “Sponsors” she urges the youth to embrace behaviour change and also fight against stigmatising those who are infected with the virus but always find a way of supporting them.

1.Were you born and raised in Thika? I was born and raised in Embu County and come to Thika to pursue my education.

2.What do you love about Thika Town? Thika is a slowly turning into a fashion hub, look around you the number of boutiques mushrooming in virtually all major business premises and the business opportunities created for the hawkers to spread their trendy merchandise  tells you that we have a fashion town. The rise in numbers for places of worship is also something worth noting at least we there is a sense of religious tolerance among Thika people, lastly this town has the most hospitable people the fact that it’s a cosmopolitan town you always feel a sense of warmness when interacting with ordinary folks.

3.What projects are you working on at the moment?  As an overall ambassador together with my male counterpart I have been charged with the sole role of supervising the current Mr& Miss Thika title holders  making sure that whenever we have activities that require our input we have representation from Vintage Modelling Company and our brand is well represented during activities.

4.Tell us about your journey as model: Though this is my first time to be crowned as a beauty queen, I have attempted several times to participate at the Mr/Miss Gresta University- Thika events without success, but never gave up, and here I am now.

5.What would you like to change in the fashion industry in Thika? To those who want to venture into fashion I would like to urge them to put their best foot forward, the only way to beat the negative stereo type and myths that have been spread out there about models is to maintain discipline, for those who are spiritual always spare a moment to say a prayer and ask for God’s guidance.

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