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We will not entertain acts of hooliganism during Raila visit – Thika Police.

National Super Alliance (NASA) flagbearer addressing Kiambu constituents during a campaign rally on Tuesday, July 4.
Thika police have stressed that they will deal ruthlessly with anyone who will want to mar the visit to Thika by National Super Alliance (NASA) leader Raila Amollo Odinga this (Thursday) afternoon.

Thika West Deputy OCPD Bernard Ayoo assured all residents of their safety adding that his security team will ensure that they exercise their franchise unhindered by any miscreants regardless of their party affiliations.

“As a presidential candidate, Raila (Odinga) has a constitutional right to solicit votes in any part of this country unhindered. And as we are all aware, Thika is a cosmopolitan constituency with all tribes represented and we cannot deny his followers the right to be addressed by their leader,” said the OCPD.

Mr. Ayoo further warned that anyone caught trying to play dirty politics will be dealt with the full force of the law.

“Let me warn anyone who thinks that they will use this visit to play out some nasty tricks. Our men are all over and will arrest you. If you do not have any business with Raila’s visit, please avoid his rally and mind your own business,” he warned.

These sentiments were echoed by a number of residents who welcomed Raila to Thika but were however riled by actions of a few people who were using the visit to settle their local political differences.

Samuel Maina, a resident of Gatuanyaga Division and a Thika businessman reminded those using the visit to settle political scores that the era of political immaturity was long overtaken by events.

“Anyone trying to score political mileage by tarnishing the name of their opponents is living in past. Thika people know who they want and will not be swayed by any political machinations to vote otherwise. Those spreading dirty propaganda that candidate A or B has invited Raila here are just people skewed to cause chaos and mayhem and we will not entertain such backward politics,” said 

“We will judge all candidates by their past the records not how dirty they can play. If one hasn’t done anything to warrant our votes, no amount of dirty tactics will make us change our minds,” he said.
Maina called on the police to be vigil and arrest anyone hell bent to stir the peace and tranquility that Thika people have for a long time enjoyed.

Amos Kibe Muigua aka ‘Abudabi’, a Thika businessman who is also vying as an MCA in Juja Ward, called on the people of Juja and Thika to exhibit political maturity by accommodating all leaders and according them the opportunity to sell their agenda without interfering with their campaigns.

“It worries me to see some of our local politicians especially those in the jubilee Party trying to divide our people on the basis of political inclinations. Branding independent candidates as NASA sympathisers is wrong and very immature. Some of us are vying as independents by virtue of the scam primaries in the Jubilee Party and we are steadily behind the re-election of Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto for a second term in office. Let’s not incite our people against each other because at the end of the day, we are all one and elections will come and go but Thika will remain,” said Abudabi.

Jane Wangeci from Starehe Estate warned those leaders still stuck in the era of political propaganda that the ‘Wanjiku’ they were engaging with today was not the with the one of yesteryears who depended on politicians for directions.

“The Wanjiku of today know her direction and will independently vote for those leaders who she feels have her interests at heart. All these hullabaloos about NASA and Jubilee make no sense if one doesn’t resonate well with the mwanachi. Come August 8, we will show them who is boss,” said Wangeci.

Purity Njeri, who runs a salon business in Thika’s CBD said that Raila’s visit to Thika should never be an issue as it was his democratic right to do so. Otherwise, using this visit to make other leaders look bad was juvenile and would never place food on the people’s tables.

Yes, we are all behind Uhuru Kenyatta as President of this republic but we welcome Raila to come and sell his agenda. By the end of the day, everyone has their vote and they will independently opt who they want to be their leaders,” she said.

The NASA flagbearer will be visiting parts of Murang’a today before he addresses Thika and Juja constituents later in the afternoon.

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