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School installs CCTV cameras to curb anti-social behaviour, insecurity.

A HIGH school has installed video surveillance in a bid to curb anti-social behaviour and check security of students and staff within its precincts.

Wahundura High School in Murang’a County fit CCTV cameras as a precaution measure to check on the theft of student’s personal belongings and improve on discipline at school that were slowly getting out of hand.

According to the school’s principal Mr. Irungu Nduati says that since the installation of the devises, cases of misbehavior, petty theft, vandalism and burglary fell drastically. He added that the 24-hour surveillance had eased their work to monitor the movement of students at the institution.

“Initially, we had challenges with students losing clothing and other personal belongings but nowadays it is very hard for them to steal amongst themselves,” explained Mr. Irungu.

Mr. Irungu added that the students had embraced the idea and were in fact the ones protecting them from outside interference or tampering. He encouraged other institutions to follow suit as a way of minimizing burglary, theft and bullying of form ones.

“The students have admitted that this is something that they like and helps prevent bullying or other anti-social behaviour in the school,” he said.

Kelvin Elkana, a form four student recalled how he lost four pairs of his shoes, admitting that the new technology would assist in curbing petty theft among his colleagues. The same sentiments were echoed by James Moraa, a form two student who also appealed to other schools to emulate Wahundura high School in curbing theft amongst students.

Form one student, Euticas Macharia attributed the devises to the fact that he was not bullied when he got admitted to the school in January because his senior colleagues were aware that all their actions were being monitored.

The School Board of Management chairman Mr. Samuel Mwaniki said that the board came up with the idea in their strategic plan, admitting that this had made it easier for them to check security.

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