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Meet Peter Kingo’ri Macharia Founder Peterris Hair Salon striving to make sure that you get the look you always wanted.

Peter Kingo’ri  Macharia aka Peterris at his work place.
Peter Kingo’ri  Macharia aka Peterris, has spent close five years curving a niche in the business of beauty and hair design. It is through his business Peterris Hair Salon he has been able to raise cater for  his family, paid school fees for his kids and invested in the transport industry and bought several properties. 

Peterris Hair Salon are specialists in dreadlocks, manicure,weaving, bridal make ups and creative designs they are located at Clairbourn Building 1st Floor, Kwame Nkurumah Street, Thika.

1. What does Petteris stand for?
Ummh there is a funny story behind the name Peterris, when starting out this business in 2011, I spent close to an hour and half at a Cyber Café trying to research for a decent business name, I opted for Peterris a combination of the first four  letters of my name and three last letters of my wife’s first name ( Teresia)

2. Did you grow up in Thika?
No, I came to this town in pursuit of greener pastures as cliché as it sounds, I used to work as a volunteer in one of the international Non- Government Organisations, in Juja Farm back in 2005,they saw my zeal and interest in Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and they took the initiative of paying my school fees, I must say moving to Thika was informed by my desire to advance my skills in hair and beauty, I used to hang around Kinyozi’s my friends would tease me a lot that instead of horning my IT skills I had chosen to improve on my skills in hair and beauty.

3. What do you like about Thika Town?
This town is a very interesting town, it’s a hub for business, apart from being a hair designer I am also a business man, I have opened up several mobile handset  and Mpesa Shops  around here also own a matatu which plies several routes in Thika.

4. Can you say that Thika people support what you do?
Yes they support me a lot, though I have gone through ups and downs, if I can remember when I started  this business it was a client who saw my potential and then took upon herself to help me raise capital, my day one clients still come to  me for excellence serves that I offer.

5. What would like to change about Thika?
Kanju menance in this town at times is irritating, I was once arrested because a client once dropped a receipt bearing my business somewhere in town, instead of them listening to my plea they apprehended me and I spent close to three hours in their custody, not forgetting they had demanded I grease their palms, for an offence I didn’t do! The law enforcers in this town are also not that good, imagine my clients have gotten arrested as they come from my salon at night ,this has a lot of impact on my job I have lost a lot of my clients, it is such a demoralising thing.

6. Who are some of the clients that you deal with?
My clients come from across the board, our prices accommodate all sorts of classes,one of the key clients I have served is Norwegian based Kenyan Born Stella “STL” Mwangi .

7. What is the biggest challenge of running a beauty shop?

One of the key challenges I have faced as a beauty and hair care shop owner is that though we have many people taking up this career you find that after employing or training someone  they start being arrogant and big headed such that they no longer want to work with you or work for you this is not good for any business, it is always good to nurture your skill as you curve your niche something I always advice my staff.

To get in touch with Peterris Hair Salon Call 0723 531 184

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