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J BEE: This is exactly what we discussed with Raila Odinga and I have no regrets.

Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi aka J BEE enjoys a selfie with NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga when the duo met at the ODM offices in Lavington Nairobi on Monday. The visit has elicited a big debate over the association of the MCAs with the NASA political outfit.
Hospital Ward MCA Mwangi Wamwangi aka J BEE has downplayed reports that he along with 6 other colleagues in the Kiambu County Assembly have defected to the National Super Alliance (NASA).

In an exclusive interview with the Thika Town Today, J BEE said that even though the reports were unfounded and untrue, he had no regrets ever meeting NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga nor had any apologies to make to anyone. He added that their meeting with Raila had nothing to do with shifting party allegiance or him supporting his candidature as reported by a section of the media.

“First, I would want to put it very clear that I don’t regret meeting Raila Odinga nor do I have to apologise to anyone for doing so. I want also to categorically state that I am unaware of where the defection theory emanated from but it is understandable coming from the Kenyan media and bloggers who knew that trending that through line of thought would be their only avenue to hit the headlines. However, it’s their right and it is also the right of those who have reacted the way they did and I will not sit down here and start lamenting over people’s wild imaginations,” said J BEE.

He also lashed out at certain politicians who went to one of the local vernacular radio stations to propagate these untruths saying as leaders, it was demanded of them to exhibit utmost honesty in all they did or said.

“As much as I respect these leaders due to their age and status in society, they too need to be truthful and be the right role models to the young people who follow them. My conscience will not allow me badmouth persons old enough to be my parents but I would like to remind them that respect is earned through values and character,” he said.

He dismissed the notion that he was sent by anyone to meet Raila Odinga saying that his individual decision should never be associated or tagged to anyone else.

J BEE clarified that he went to Lavington on invitation by the opposition chief who had personally called him to discuss issues related to his visit to the county and how best, as leaders, they would ensure peace prevailed during his visit as well as during the elections.

“Raila called me acknowledging the fact that my ward hosts the largest population of people in Thika Town Constituency perceived to be NASA’s supporters due to their ethnicity. He wanted me to give an account of how they co-existed with the natives and how his visit would affect them. I never knew that he had called anyone else but that did not bother me when I arrived to find others in the fray. I went there as their representative and I don’t regret meeting him,” he said.

The Hospital Ward MCA said it was rather unfortunate in this era and age that people were still enslaved by tribal stereotyping pointing out he was not the first leader to meet Raila Odinga as even the president and other leaders have previously did the same with people praising the move as an act that could heal negative ethnicity.

“If it is ok for the president to meet Raila (Odinga), what makes wrong for a small person like me to do the same? So many leaders who are actually in Jubilee Party have at one time or another done the same, even some of those who are out there crucifying us. Others have been members of ODM and owe all what they are to their association with Raila and the opposition. What we see here is double-speak and some high level hypocrisy,” he said.

“I just humbly request those attacking me either on social media or physically to please hold their guns as my personal decision does not really have to influence their decisions at the ballot but will go a long way in bringing national cohesion and harmony amongst different political and ethnic divides. Please respect my personal rights and let me be,” he concluded.

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