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PNU Candidate pledges to fight for a “Men’s Fund” if elected Juja MP.

PNU parliamentary candidate Lucas Mwaura explaining his vision for Juja Constituency and how he intends to rescue the Kenyan man from the yoke of poverty.
Party of National Unity (PNU) parliamentary candidate for Juja Constituency Lucas Mwaura has promised to address economic stagnancy among men above the age of 35 years by introducing a bill in the National Assembly that will create a fund similar to the UWEZO FUND for the Kenyan man to access finances for businesses and other income generating programmes. 

While acknowledging that the government had done a lot to empower the people of Kenya, Mwaura noted that majority of men were economically marginalised, a factor that was destabilising many families. He noted that for the country to completely eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, the man, who had been overlooked in most of these programmes, had to be empowered through social mobilisation and creating an enabling institutional environment for empowerment.

“I am appealing to all Kenyans who support President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto to get out in large numbers on August 8 and reelect them in order to save the country substantial amount of money by evading a run-off. When I get to that Parliament, I will table a bill to start a Men’s Fund from KES 6 billion saved so that men above 35 years can access funding to liberate their families from hunger and want,” said Mwaura after receiving his IEBC certificate to vie for Juja Constituency.

UWEZO FUND that was created out of a pledge by President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013 to allocate Sh. 6 billion meant for a presidential run-off to youth and women groups.

Mwaura said that he had a 3-Point Agenda for the people of Juja that included advocating for transparency and equity in the running of the affairs of the constituency and instituting development programmes in tandem with the Vision 2030 development blue-print.

“I believe that poverty is not solely a lack of income, but rather a vicious cycle of powerlessness, exclusion and material deprivation, which all mutually reinforce each other. My main role as your next MP will be to deliver inclusive, pro-poor growth empowerment programmes and providing Juja resident with the means to acquire and access services that enhance their economic elevation,” he added.

He appealed for all to advocate for a peaceful electioneering period as this was their only guarantee for prosperity.

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